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What should I do to prepare to let a property?

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Our experience indicates that during a tenancy most tenants do not always immediately forward letters addressed to client landlords sent to the property. Bearing in mind the number of properties we manage it is impossible for us to become involved in passing on mail. We therefore strongly recommend that you obtain the relevant form from the post office and pay the small fee involved to have your mail re- directed for 6 or 12 months.

We sometimes find that shortly after a property is let and occupied tenants advise us that they are unable to operate, say, the central heating boiler or an electrical appliance, dishwasher etc. This can lead to the landlord bearing the cost of us calling out a contractor only to find that the problem is due to unfamiliarity in use of, or a strange 'quirk' of, the item or equipment in question. In order to help try to avoid this, it is essential that you leave a folder in the property containing photocopies of original operating manuals or detailed, clearly written instructions for the use of alarm systems, all the main appliances, central heating and hot water controls etc.

In order to maintain a good control over the care of your property whilst it is being let and to achieve a happy and successful tenancy, it is in your interest to do as much as possible to ensure that the property is properly prepared for letting. With years of experience in letting we have found that if the property is handed over to the tenants in good decorative order, furnished to a good standard and in a thoroughly clean condition, the tenants are more likely to take good care of it during the tenancy.

Should you be unable to adequately clean the property before your departure, we would ask that you arrange for contract cleaners to complete the job. If however, you do not have time to arrange this yourself we will arrange it for you.

Before putting your property on the market you need to attend to the little jobs that need doing; for example: Conversely if you are completely refurbishing the property you do not need to wait until it is finished before advertising. We would recommend that you start advertising approximately one month before the property is finished. We can advise on refurbishment or even project manage it for you. Contact us for details.

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Landlords Repairing Obligations

Under the landlord and tenant act 1985 a landlord has certain repairing obligations to which he agrees when he signs the tenancy agreement.

In general the landlord has an obligation to maintain the property throughout the period of the tenancy and brpl, as agents, are required to act on his behalf, if we are managing the property which includes: A landlord is expected to take responsibility for the repairs and maintenance of items supplied with the property such as washing machines and other electrical appliances.

May we take this opportunity to remind you that you are embarking on a speculative venture with a slight element of risk and that some tenants, not having your love and affection for your home may not always adopt the same standards of care and attention that you would as an owner/occupier. At the end of any tenancy allowances have to be made for 'fair wear and tear' taking into account the original condition of an item, the length of tenancy and the number of occupants.

Therefore, we recommend to all landlords that they should be prepared to undertake redecoration of all exterior parts every five years and all interior rooms every three/four years to maintain the condition of the property. Otherwise the property will suffer from wear and tear and will as a consequence devalue the potential rental income and/or sale price.
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