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What should I buy?

This seems a simple question on the surface but the answer is not so simple. Obviously a great deal depends on how much you have to invest. Should you buy new/off-plan or an older property? Should you buy a flat or a house? Should it be ready to let or need some work?

There is a different answer for each investor. Only you know the extent of your skills in DIY etc. If you have the time and ability then you could save money on the purchase costs by buying a property that needs work done. On the other hand a ready-to-let property will mean that you should reduce the void period; particularly if you can arrange viewing once you have exchanged contracts rather than wait for completion. If you have enough money to buy two properties then try to stagger the purchase so that at least one property can be advertised as available to let before purchasing the second.

Talk to us before investing or refurbishing any properties. Our aim is to help Investment Landlords unlock the potential in their property. Whether the property needs freshening up or a complete refurbishment we can project manage this for you. We have our own in-house maintenance company able to deal with most day-to-day repairs and redecorations. For major work we consult with reputable local firms. If you have funds to invest but are not sure what to buy or simply do not have the time to search for property, we can source suitable investments for you. Click here for details of the services we can provide, or contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.

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